Who We Are


The Waco Regional Baptist Association is a voluntary network of Baptist churches in Central Texas who have chosen to cooperate in order to extend and embody the good news of Jesus Christ.


An Association of healthy churches transforming communities through the love of Christ.


Strong, healthy churches
Church-based, holistic ministries serving the congregation and the community
Mobilized congregations ministering and sharing the gospel locally and globally
Racial and ethnic diversity
Local church autonomy
Voluntary cooperation

Goals for 2016 through 2021

Encourage WRBA  member churches to adopt and implement a specific evangelistic strategy over five years by forming a “Church Evangelism Ministry Team” that will research, recommend, support, equip and track an effective church evangelism strategy.  This team would be responsible for recommending the best use of available resources that might come in conjunction with the Texas Baptists annual meetings.

This goal is to direct community ministries of the WRBA toward a church-based model. This can be done by educating and equipping church volunteers, networking churches to organizations involved in community ministries, and by assisting at the associational level. The three focuses are on Collegiate, Hunger and Restorative Justice/Jail Ministry.

Anticipate the legal and cultural challenges threatening the viability of many of our churches through education, consultation and dissemination of appropriate information providing helpful guidance to our churches by means of a “Church Protection Ministry Team” of the WRBA.  A team of theologians, pastors, attorneys and administrators could help identify and address external threats to churches on a larger scale (this is not necessarily intended to provide legal counsel to individual churches for specific situations).

Encourage WRBA member churches to include a “Congregational Health Ministry” as an integral part of their ongoing work through education, support, identifying sources of funding and creating appropriate connections and partnerships.  This Congregational Health Ministry will support the wellness of both church members as well as community members.  An appropriate ministry team will lead and support and measure this effort as it connects with other community institutions and efforts such as Prosper Waco, Baylor, Scott & White/Hillcrest, the community Health Districts and others.

Support WRBA Churches with the development of appropriate technology that assists the church with all of its ministries such as evangelism, discipleship, outreach, community ministries and internal communications by forming a new ‘Church Technology Ministry Team’. Some examples of the technology that this team might help with are:  Apps and church use of smart phones, communicating with prospects/visitors/members, websites, and social media as well as CRM Databases. This team could assemble helpful lists of graphic designers, AV technicians, website designers and IT support technicians to make the churches more culturally relevant and accessible to the community.

Guide WRBA churches who wish to be involved in Church Starting by coordinating partnerships, resources, assessments and accountability.

Assists WRBA churches to participate in short-term volunteer mission trips and long-term partnerships