Church Member Health

Did you know that churches have a history of being a place of guidance in health? Even when plagues swept through Europe, the church stayed to assist those who were sick. Have you wondered how our church members who specialize in medicine and nutrition can use their gifts in church ministry?

The Church Member Health Team encourages WRBA member churches to include a “Congregational Health Ministry” as an integral part of their on-going work through education, support, identifying sources of funding and creating appropriate connections and partnerships.  This Congregational Health Ministry will support the wellness of both church members as well as community members.  An appropriate ministry team will lead and support and measure this effort as it connects with other community institutions and efforts such as Baylor Scott & White, Providence, McLennan-County Health District and others.

Why Health Ministry?


To help churches promote health in body, mind and soul.

What We Do

Promoting the new Faith Health Waco program through outreach and education.

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  • Click HERE for the Health Ministry Manual.
  • Click HERE for a Church Health Ministry overview printable brochure.