The Board

The Board meets monthly to take care of the personnel, financial, and legal issues and the properties of the Association.

The team is comprised of members from diverse WRBA congregations. These members are nominated by the officers of the Association and elected by the messengers at the Annual Meeting.

If you would like to request previous Board meeting minutes, just send us an email at:

Board Members

Sheila Blanton
Frances Gentry-Rood - Chalk Bluff BC
Gloria Helleson - Hewitt FBC
Kenneth McNeil - Willow Grove BC (Chair)
Milton Tyler - Columbus Avenue BC
Jeter Basden - Waco FBC
John Crowder - West FBC
Samuel Doyle - Greater New Light MBC
Elizabeth Gutierrez – Viento Fuerte Church
Jangho Jo – Korean Church
Sinai Wood - Primeria Iglesia Bautista
Ryan Russell - Waco FBC
Harold Hunter - FBC McGregor
Judy Hatter - Good Samaritan
Marcy Smith - Meadowbrook (Vice Chair)
Rosalie Beck - Seventh & James


Tom Gutierrez, Viento Fuerte Church - Moderator
TBD - Vice Moderator
Jewel Lockridge, Pleasant Olive Waco - Treasurer
Judy Carson, Woodway FBC - Clerk