Disaster Relief

The purpose of the WRBA Disaster Relief unit is to provide disaster relief for flood, fire and wind while addressing the spiritual needs of the victims and also to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Men and women from Central Texas Churches volunteer to train, maintain the required equipment and deploy when they are needed to show the love of Christ to those communities after a disaster strikes. The flood and fire recovery units are in place, but this team is working to build a chainsaw unit in this Central Texas area. The WRBA Disaster Relief unit operates as a ministry of the Waco Regional Baptist Association, and is also under Texas Baptist Men (TBM) Disaster Relief. We follow the TBM Rules for training, safety, and deployment. This team also collaborates with other local church ministries to meet the needs of families here in Central Texas.

How to be involved

All volunteers must go through Disaster Relief Training with Texas Baptist Men. For more information on future trainings or other questions on how to get involved, fill out the form below.

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