Strategic Planning


Every church has a God-given path if only they can find it! Tim Randolph, Director of Mission for the WRBA, has developed a signature, six month process to help churches discover their mission, vision, and values. Once identified, these important statements can be used to guide churches in future planning and everyday decision making. After mission, vision, and values are named, Tim then helps churches develop up to five clear, measurable goals in keeping with their newfound direction.

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For those interested in pursuing Strategic Planning at their own pace or who would like to get a better understanding of the process, So You Want to Change Your Church, Tim's book on the same material is available at Amazon or through the WRBA office.

From the back cover:

This book is an invitation to an adventure. Unless you have the perfect church, change is necessary. In fact, change is an inevitable part of church life. Your church will change. However, you have the opportunity to guide that change in the direction it needs to go.

Tim Randolph has provided a roadmap that has the power to change you, your church, your community, and even the world. The church has the potential to be the most powerful and influential organism on the planet and you have the opportunity to lead the change that can make this possible.

This book is helpful if read by a church leader, but it is especially valuable if it is used by an entire group of leaders from a local church. Discussion questions will lead to new insights and ideas for the possibility of your church.

Tim Randolph has spent his entire life working with churches in a variety of capacities. He has been a pastor, missionary, and church planter. He currently works as the Director for an Association of Baptist Churches. His passion for the local church has led him to an understanding of how healthy churches work and how unhealthy churches can be renewed. Tim and his wife Cindy live in Waco, Texas where he is involved in numerous outdoor activities.

Tim Randolph