Tim RandolphHello,

I am pleased that your congregation is interested in joining the Waco Regional Baptist Association. We have a great association filled with churches that love the Lord and each other.

I would like to arrange a time to visit with you and your pastor about this. I know that you may have become aware of some of our ministries, but you and your congregation can learn more from our website: Should your congregation wish to apply for membership, simply complete (click HERE) the application for WRBA Membership and send a letter of intent, click HERE for a sample letter, to our office.

We encourage our churches to give on a regular monthly basis. The amount you give is up to you, but the member churches suggest 3% of the undesignated gifts to your church. This enables us to sustain our new church starts, provide essential ministries to our communities, and to respond to the needs of all of our churches.

In August, we will be sending your church what we call the “Annual Church Profile.”  This is a simple worksheet which gives us a record of basic information about your leaders and your work over the past year. We collect a few key statistics such as average Sunday School and Worship Attendance so that we can understand what is happening in our churches and how we might need to help. The contact information helps us extend invitations to training events to the appropriate leaders.

After The Board receives your application, they will make a decision. It will be important for you and some representatives of your congregation to be available for a Board meeting, and then at the Annual Meeting in October, in order to be presented to the rest of your newfound church “family”.

We want to be of service to you, and want to pray with you during the good times and the bad. Please don’t hesitate to call us.

In His Service,
Tim Randolph

You can mail the completed application, the letter of intent, and monthly contributions to:

Waco Regional Baptist Association
P.O. Box 1848
Waco, TX  76703.