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Youth Leader - Bosqueville Baptist Church

Part Time

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Please list the following email for application submission: bosquevillebc@gmail.com.

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15-20 hours

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Principle Function
The Youth Leader is responsible for developing, coordinating, and promoting the spiritual and the recreational
programs of Bosqueville Baptist Church for all junior and senior high students and their families.
Basic Requirements and Expectations
The Youth Leader should be committed to and in alignment with Southern Baptist beliefs, principles, practices, and
teachings, both professionally and personally. The Youth Leader should become a member of the church as soon as
possible in order to fully participate in the life of Bosqueville Baptist Church.
Additional expectations are:
 Be able to relate well with church constituents, members, staff, and volunteers of all ages.
 Have a Christ-like attitude and a willingness to be a flexible and teachable team player.
 Ability to effectively communicate through social media, written documents and face-to-face.
 Desire and ability to recruit, train and develop quality lay leadership.
 The ability to seek, individually and with the church, God's direction for the future while staying focused on His
priorities for youth and their families at the moment.
 Ability to handle confidential matters and materials with spiritual wisdom and discernment.
 Be supportive of the body of Christ as a whole in public and private conversation with church members and with
people outside the church.
 Handle problems within the staff or the church according to the scriptural model (Matt. 5:23-24, Matt. 18:15-20,
Gal. 6:1-2, Heb. 10:24-25)
 Plan, prepare, and conduct all youth activities including but not limited to: Summer Youth Camp, Sunday School,
and Wednesday Night Fellowship, and recruit adult volunteers to assist.
 Promote and attend worship services, business meetings, and pertinent committee and ministry team meetings.
 As an ex-officio member, assist in leading, organizing, developing, and supervising the Youth Ministry Team.
 Keep the church informed of all activities being projected for the youth. Receive approval from the pastor and
Youth Ministry Team for all events.
 Attend weekly staff meetings for prayer time, to coordinate weekly schedule with the pastor, and be supportive
of the God-given goals and directions that develop in the staff meetings
 Encourage youth and families to participate in church outreach events.
 Direct youth in developing a proper attitude for worship and the church facility.
 Participate in visitation and outreach as needed.