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Pastor - Golinda Baptist Church

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  • Baptist
  • Seminary recommended but not required
  • Full time or Part time options available



Golinda Baptist Church is searching for a passionate follower of Jesus Christ to provide spiritual leadership as the senior pastor. We seek a pastor who has a solid understanding of the foundation of Christian Faith and who has a strong desire to nurture all persons of Christian faith. 

Our expectations for our future pastor include conducting himself according to the biblical requirements of an overseer referenced in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. The pastor will provide spiritual, moral, and ethical leadership in order to best provide welfare and oversight for the church. He shall use his skills in proclamation and pastoral care in meeting the needs of the church community, and he will provide administrative leadership for the church. 

As for Golinda Baptist, we are a small-town church with a close knit family atmostphere. We are located 15 miles south of Waco, Texas. Our community is more traditional in the way that we worship the Lord, predominantly consisting of elderly folk. We are looking to keep our main traditions intact while providing outreach to a younger generation seeking to find a church home. Our deepest need is to carry on the good works of the church into the next generation, and our prayer for our next pastor is that he will have this as a priority in his heart.